Micro Advertising is an advertising Company that has already experienced more than 10 years and we also deal with many both National And International Company especially in Indonesia. Our division ranging from Outdoor and Indoor Advertising including Billboard Space, premium souvenirs, Corporate Gift , Company Branding, Hotel Supplies, Offset Printing, Signage, LED Display (running text or videotron), Gondola / Booth Display, Photography (food & commercial product) , Video Profile up to TV Commercial.  

Micro Advertising always put forward the 5 C and 1 Q i.e. Creativity, Conceptuality, Communication, Competitive, Commitment, Quick response.

Creativity means that Micro Advertising has the creativity to give you fresh ideas for the client’s interests in supporting the success of a product or for the company.

Conceptuality has the purpose that in any of his works, Micro Advertising has a clear concept and significant because it supported with research and in-depth studies.

Communication contain the meaning that each work of Micro Advertising is able to communicate the message contained in the vision and mission of the Clients company .

Competitive has the purpose that the works of Micro Advertising is able to compete with its competitors, both in terms of price , quality and timeline

Commitment contains the meaning that Micro Advertising is always trying to help client companies to progressively evolve through ongoing relations.

Quick response means that the Micro Advertising will always try to give you a quote and best solutions to clients quickly and accurately.